I bi petak…

Svašta se desilo. Kej je opet bio čist, Milica se vratila iz Rusije, a Rada se pozdravila pred povratak u Pariz.

Trening? Trčkaraj, skači, stepenice, opet skači, radi sklekove… i za kraj… vežba u parovima. Dva minuta kao uvertira za dan i dolazeći vikend.

Malo više fotki je ovde.

And there was Friday… Many things happened. The quay was clean again, Milica was back from Russia and Rada waved goodbye before she left for Paris.

The workout? Run, jump, stairs, jump, push-ups, and in the end… exercise in pairs. Two minutes as the overture for the day and the upcoming weekend.

More photos you may find here.


Posted on: July 26, 2016

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